I first had the idea to create this app when I lost 5 golf balls, in the rough, in the same round! I became frustrated as my score went up and I started to think about the $20 I just wasted. I asked myself, why is there no simple, effective way to use just your cell phone to actually locate your golf ball for you without using a color filter, or having to buy a special GPS golf ball? I set out to be the answer to this question, with a goal to create an app that was very affordable, effective, still allowed you to play your favorite golf ball, and would find any golf ball completely independent of the user, which means the app will actually find the ball, not just try to make it more visible.
I accomplished what I set out to do. Golf Ball Locator is different from any other golf ball finding app on the market because it doesn’t use a GPS, color tint, or a special golf ball. This is the first app to use object recognition technology to train your phone’s camera to find ANY white golf ball! Simply get within 40 feet of where you think your golf ball is located. Open the app on your phone and it will activate your phone’s camera. Scan the area around you like you were recording a video, and in real time, if it sees a golf ball it will put a square around it on the screen, vibrate and display the distance from you to the golf ball.
The greatest feature of Golf Ball Locator is that you don’t have to look at your phone’s screen to find your ball. Since the app will vibrate to notify you when it has found a golf ball, you can scan your phone in one direction while you look in the other direction. This allows you to search the ground on both sides of you at the same time, essentially doubling your chances to find your golf ball! We are limited by the technology and quality of our cell phone cameras but even with these limitations our external testers found Golf ball Locator to be 92% effective, within 40 feet, at finding partially visible golf balls in the rough, trees, bushes, mulch, and even in ponds and lakes.